Bitcoin Era Review

Bitcoin Era Review

Financial freedom is probably one of the biggest dreams for most of us in the 21st century. Bitcoin Era can help achieving it. Who doesn’t want to have enough savings, investments, and cash to enjoy their dream life without having to work anymore? In this Bitcoin Era Review, we’re looking at one of the tools that could let you reach your financial independence faster than you think.

Bitcoin Era is an automated AI-powered cryptocurrency trading software that uses the best trading strategies from the stock market. We’ve personally used Bitcoin Era to properly research their processes and features to bring an unbiased Bitcoin Era review.

Continue reading to find out our experience with Bitcoin Era and how you too can start using it today.

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is an automated AI-powered algorithm software that makes complicated calculations combined with stock trading strategies to find out the best possible trades on the crypto market.

From the information on the Bitcoin Era website, this software founder was a portfolio manager at a big Wall Street hedge fund during the 2008 financial crisis. The strategies he used to make huge profits from the subprime mortgage crisis are now used in Bitcoin Era with additional upgrades and a powerful AI algorithm.

Our Rating: Bitcoin Era is not a scam.
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Is Bitcoin Era legit or a scam?

In our Bitcoin Era Review, to find out if it’s legit and not a scam we had to do our own testing. We started with registering an account and depositing 250€. That is their minimum deposit, we always go for a minimum first to reduce any scam risk.

After using their software for a good 10 minutes getting used to the layout and setting our trading parameters we let the software trade and didn’t check back for a day. The next day we could already see profit in our account. For the next couple of days, we reinvested all profit and saw compounding income. So far, it looks like Bitcoin Era is making a nice profit.

Now it was time to check if we can easily withdraw our profit. We took our initial deposit and withdrew it to our bank account. This way we are continuing to invest only our profit and won’t lose our initial investment. The next day our 250€ were sitting in our bank account, it took close to 24 hours, quick and convenient.

Doing your due diligence is extremely important when there are hundreds if not thousands of financial scams around. We did our own and believe that Bitcoin Era is a legit way to put your money to work. Keep on reading our Bitcoin Era review to find out how it works and start trading.

How to get started with Bitcoin Era?

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Bitcoin Era uses more than 15 trading strategies to find the best and most profitable trades in the cryptocurrency market. The AI-powered algorithm that knows all of these trading strategies can make tens of trades in a fraction of a second. This allows the software to be the first one on the trade and reap the biggest rewards.

But experienced traders know these strategies as well, they can make the same moves too! Yes, however, they are not fast enough. Bitcoin Era crypto app can make tens of trades a second before the trader can do one. Yes, the moves during this time frame are not big, however, Bitcoin Era uses brokers that allow extremely high leverage so even a slight move of a dollar becomes into hundreds of dollars of profit.

How to Create Bitcoin Era Account

Bitcoin Era trading platform is really easy to register and setup up an account. Follow these easy step:


As with any website or online software you need to register for an account. Type in all of the required information into the landing page form. Your personal information will be used to approve your identity. Bitcoin Era as a licensed platform is required to do so. In a minute or so you’ll get an email confirming your registration.

Use Demo and Read Instructions

Before going live trading we suggest using their demo account to get acquainted with the software and interface. You can set up the software and start trading with fake money just as you would with real funds. We would also advise reading their simple instructions about features of the software to better understand all of the trading functions.

Fund Your Account

If you went through the instructions and played around with the demo account and are happy to start trading you need to fund your live account. Bitcoin Era crypto software has a minimum of $250 deposit. It is a relatively small deposit compared to other trading platforms that require $1,000 or more to start with. You’ll be able to fund your account with most major credit cards, SEPA, or wire transfer. The deposit is usually almost instantaneous.

Start Live Trading

Now that your account is funded all you need to do is set the risk level. The higher the risk level the higher the rewards can be. Just remember that there is also a chance the trades can be unsuccessful, so invest what you can afford to lose. We always start with low risk and increase it if we see software making a profit.

And that is it! Just let the software trade and you can enjoy your free time or work on other projects! All you need to do is once or twice a day check on the platform to reinvest or withdraw money if the algorithm is making profitable trades.

Bitcoin Era Features & Benefits

Beginner Friendly

Bitcoin Era crypto trading platform is designed so even cryptocurrency and trading beginners could join. The easy registration process along with a demo account and instructions allows you to understand the Bitcoin Era trading process in less than 30 minutes. You don’t need to know which crypto pairs to trade or what trading strategies to use, the Bitcoin Era algorithm will do that for you.

Personalized Trading Settings

We were amazed that you can input your own parameters for the algorithm. This includes setting trade sizes, stop losses, picking which pairs to trade, and even selecting which trading strategies to use. When you start live trading with your customized settings algorithm will only perform trades that meet your requirements.

Powerful Fast AI Algorithm
We loved that the algorithm can perform tens of trades a second. This allows reducing variance since a large number of successful trades will outweigh the few unsuccessful.

Bitcoin Era trading platform is protected by the biggest antivirus software names and meets all required safety standards for a licensed trading platform.

No Hidden Fees

New generation auto trading platforms have been vastly improving over old stock auto trading systems. Bitcoin Era doesn’t have any hidden fees, that are used by regular trading systems to eat into your capital. They only charge a commission from your profit instead of a fixed fee for all trades. They also have transparent statements to see what size and how often the deductions were made.

Quick Withdrawals

Bitcoin Era app allows daily withdrawals with no limits. Ours came in after about 24 hours.

Customer Support Desk

Bitcoin Era provides amazing customer support through their support desk. It is available 24/7 if you have any problems using the software or need guidance.

Conclusion: Is Bitcoin Era worth it?

We first-hand experimented with the Bitcoin Era app and have been satisfied with its user-friendly design, powerful trading algorithm, and quick withdrawals. Is Bitcoin Era the best automatic crypto trading app? We can’t be sure yet, but from our short experience, it is continually making us profit from our initial deposit. Would recommend creating an account if you want to reach your financial freedom quicker.

Expert Rating:

Our Rating: Bitcoin Era is not a scam.
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Do I Need to Have Cryptocurrency to Use Bitcoin Era?
No. You don’t need any kind of crypto wallet or even own any cryptocurrency. You can deposit with major credit cards, SEPA, and wire transfers to fund your account from then on Bitcoin Era software will do the trading in cryptocurrency through major brokers for you.

I Don’t Know Anything About Trading Can I Still Make Money?
Yes, Bitcoin Era is very beginner-friendly. You don’t need any prior trading knowledge because you will not make any calculations or trading decisions. Let the software trade and you can enjoy your free time. The only thing you need to do is decide if you want to reinvest your profit or withdraw when you see profit in your account.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Trading in Bitcoin Era?
Bitcoin Era app registration is currently free. They announced that they are doing a lottery-based registration (meaning not all can get in). The ones that get in will have a free trading license for the whole year. If you’re thinking about joining the Bitcoin Era app hurry up, there is a chance that they might start charging a registration fee later on.

How Fast Can I Start Making Profit with Bitcoin Era?
Nobody can answer this question without trying. The cryptocurrency market is volatile, some people make huge gains, some have to wait for a while to see a profit. That is why it’s always advised to invest only what you don’t mind losing in the worst-case scenario. We started seeing a profit from the first day of our auto trading.