Bitcoin Evolution Review

Bitcoin Evolution Review

It seems like every day you can see another crypto trading platform, app, or exchange pop up from nowhere and promise you inconceivable returns. Sadly, most of them aren’t trustworthy and end up being scams.

Today, we’re looking at the Bitcoin Evolution app that has been in the crypto space for quite a while now. Just like Bitcoin Era, they have built their top credibility through their trusted trading bots and consistent profits throughout the last year. If you haven’t heard about this bitcoin app yet, continue reading our detailed Bitcoin Evolution Review and learn why you too should join their super simple crypto trading app.

What is Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is a cryptocurrency trading platform that uses bots and brokers to scan for the best trading pairs that are currently undervalued or overvalued. Then the algorithms monitor changes in the market and let you know which trades to execute or do the execution for you if needed.

Bitcoin Evolution platform, unlike other trading apps, relies on algorithmic information combined with real brokers and experienced traders, that contribute information unavailable to robots. This adds extra accuracy and protects the platform from bot failure and misuse of your funds.

Our Rating: Bitcoin Evolution is not a scam.
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Bitcoin Evolution review

Is Bitcoin Evolution legit or a scam?

These days it is very hard to distinguish which crypto platforms or applications are legit and which ones are scams. In order to find out, we did the testing ourselves and put our own money on the chopping block.

After a straightforward registration and deposit process, we just had to set up how much the bots should trade and set the risk levels (we opted for low-risk trading) and we left it. After a day we already saw a profit of over 20%, after a week of just their bot trading we had more than 120% in profit.

Over the next month, we did see some fluctuations and negative days, which is to be expected in crypto markets. But in the end, we ended with more than 212% profit of our initial $250 investment. That is an amazing return for such a short period of time for any investor despite the small initial investment.

You can create your own Bitcoin Evolution account here…

We took half of the profits and withdrew it. It is always important to check the withdrawal function since most scammy crypto platforms will do anything to divert you from withdrawing. Our withdrawal came within 24 hours, success! We will reinvest the remaining profit and continue observing Bitcoin Evolution trading methods.

Our verdict: We saw it first-hand and became believers. The Bitcoin Evolution app is legit and recommended for beginners and professionals.

How to get started with Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin evolution how it works
So how can you start trading and making money with the Bitcoin Evolution app? Follow these steps and in less than 30 minutes you can start earning money.
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Step 1: Fill out the registration form

First, you need to register an account with Bitcoin Evolution here. This takes less than 5 minutes. You’ll need to input all your information like in any other crypto exchange or platform.

Bitcoin Evolution also offers a demo trading account. This allows new investors to get used to the trading app functionality without the risk of making unwanted buy or sell.

Demo accounts also allow you to see if the trading algorithms actually work or not since they operate the same with fake currency as they would with your real funds.

So, open up your demo account, do some trades, get to know how Bitcoin Evolution works, and see yourself if it makes money. The demo account can be used for as long as you want. If you are really cautious (we are) and want to use it for a week or a month to see if the crypto trading app works, do it!

Step 2: Fund Your Account

After you’ve done all the testing needed on the demo account and want to start trading cryptocurrencies with real funds you obviously need to make a deposit. The minimum deposit is $250 and can be done through all major credit cards, SEPA transfers, or wire transfers.

Step 3: Start Trading & Profiting

Before jumping into the trades make sure to adjust the risk level you want your trades to be made. If you want quicker and bigger returns on investment go for high-risk trades, just remember high-volatility means big ups and big drops too. For beginners, we advise going for lower-risk trading to get used to the Bitcoin Evolution trading app and only then move on to higher risk settings.

Bitcoin Evolution Features & Benefits

Automatic crypto trading

Bitcoin Evolution bots will do instant trades for you. This eliminates human error, slow decisions, and bias. The great thing about the Bitcoin Evolution app is you can start trading and leave it to do its job. You have the freedom to do whatever you like while the platform makes you money.

Easy and Simple to Use

Bitcoin Evolution is extremely beginner-friendly. Every step is clearly indicated, the trading process is very well documented and the platform application user interface is super simple.

Small Initial Deposit

Other trading platforms have a minimum of $1,000 threshold or even more. With the Bitcoin Evolution app, you can start at just $250.

Amazing Possible Returns On Investment

Compared to other crypto trading platforms that don’t scam Bitcoin Evolution has probably the greatest returns on your investment. You can see the profit from the first day of your deposit. If you keep reinvesting your profit you can see up to 1000% gain in a month or two (depending on the risk level you trade).

Quick Withdrawals

Any withdrawal you make gets into your account in a period of 24hours, sometimes even less.

No Hidden Fees

We haven’t seen any hidden fees during the deposit, trading, or withdrawal process that could eat into your profit.

Great Customer Support

If anything goes wrong or you have any questions you can reach Bitcoin Evolution support 24/7 any day of the week. Their friendly staff will go through any problems you have and fix them so you can continue making money.

What we think about Bitcoin Evolution?

We advise using the demo trading account first to know the platform and all of its functionality and only then move to live trading. Invest only what you can afford to lose. Don’t put yourself in a tough situation if you would lose your investment.

Start with low-risk trading and only then move on to higher-risk trading for bigger gains.

Since we tried the Bitcoin Evolution Crypto trading platform first hand, we know how it works and how easy it is to use. Bitcoin Evolution is one of the best, if not the best, automatic crypto trading platform of 2021.

It is easy to use, no-hassle setup, automatic trading doesn’t need you to oversee it (Bitcoin Evolution traders do that for you), and the return on investment can be amazing.

Expert Rating:

Our Rating: Bitcoin Evolution is not a scam.
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How much money do I need to invest in Bitcoin Evolution to make money?
Bitcoin Evolution app is free to open an account. You just need a minimum of $250 initial investment to start trading. There are no deposit fees. If you want to go higher, their maximum deposit is $15,000. There is no set amount you need to invest in order to see profits. We started at $250.

Is Bitcoin Evolution a Safe Investment?
Yes. From what we observed there are no red flags that would indicate Bitcoin Evolution being unsafe. Withdrawals are smooth, customer service can be reached 24/7, and the trading platform works smoothly and stable.

Can I Use Cryptocurrency to Fund My Account?
Currently no. At the moment Bitcoin Evolution offers deposits only through global currencies.