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Bitcoin UP Review

The last 3-4 years have been extremely profitable for cryptocurrency holders. Users of platforms like Bitcoin UP helped a lot by automating their trading with AI.

Blockchain technology has made tens if not hundreds of thousands of people millionaires and it’s not going away anytime soon.

If you are tired of hearing people buy cars and houses with their crypto profit and would like to be the main rich persona yourself, there hasn’t been a better time to invest in crypto trading. The world has been suffering from massive riots, natural disasters, a pandemic, and is just in total fear. While the cryptocurrency world is thriving and providing information authenticity, investment opportunities, and capital safety.

If you want to be a part of this high-tech blockchain movement that is making people millionaires read our Bitcoin Up review and see how you too can make passive income even with a very small investment.

What is Bitcoin UP?

Bitcoin Up is like Bitcoin Era an auto trading software powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Similar trading methods are used in most trading operations around the world, whether it’s stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

Bitcoin Up software is a step ahead. The AI scans not only the whole cryptocurrency market to find irregularities in price and quick changes, but also scans “reads” all kinds of news, blogs, and publications related to any type of cryptocurrency. This way it not only finds current price points that are overbought (will most likely go down) or undersold (will most likely go up) but also tries to predict price movement according to online publications data.

Combine that with extremely high volatility in the current cryptocurrency market and you can achieve very big gains in Bitcoin Up even with a small investment.

Our Rating: Bitcoin UP is not a scam.
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Bitcoin UP

Is Bitcoin UP legit or a scam?

We have read through dozens of positive Bitcoin Up reviews and were certain that it is not a scam. However, to be sure we did our own testing and put our money on the line.

It was reassuring to see that the software has several well-respected antivirus software brands for protection. McAfee is used all over the world and BitGo is one of the best antivirus software for crypto users.

So, we registered for an account and funded it with $250. This is their minimum deposit available. Most other trading platforms usually have quite higher funding requirements so it scares away people who want to start with a smaller capital first.

After the funding we just let the trading software do its thing, trade. A couple of hours later not much happened, account balance hovered over the breakeven point. However, when we checked in the morning we were stoked! It has made almost all of our investment in profit.

The final check was to see if we can get our money back to our bank account. We withdrew our initial deposit and saw the funds in our bank account in just over a day. As you can see from our experience and many other testimonials, Bitcoin Up can be a legit way to invest in the crypto market.

How does Bitcoin UP work?

Bitcoin Up exact software actions and AI algorithms are kept a secret. But… we do know the general strategies they use to make good trades.

The extremely fast Artificial Intelligence algorithm continually scans the whole cryptocurrency market. It then finds cryptocurrency pairs that are undervalued or overvalued and the price is about to turn around. Additionally, the Bitcoin Up app scans online news publications and can predict crypto price movement if big news pop up.

The super fast software is able to spot these changes and make very quick trades. That might last only a few seconds. Even if the movements are very small, high leverages on trusted brokers allow increasing the actual movement values by 10x or even 100x.

And the best thing is, all of this is done automatically by the trading software and you don’t need to think or perform any trades. You just fund the account and let the software run and trade.

How to Create Bitcoin UP Account?

If you want to start earning passive income with the Bitcoin Up app just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Register

As always, the first step is to register with the Bitcoin Up app. Just fill in your name, phone number, and email address. These are the required fields so Bitcoin Up could create your account and assign a personal trading manager that would provide assistance if you need any help.

Step 2: Use Demo and Read Instructions

For every beginner, we advise using the demo function while reading through instructions and tutorials. Get to know the software, its settings, and functions in demo mode before going live. This way you can avoid making costly mistakes.

Step 3: Fund Your Account

The last step before trading is to fund your account that the AI bot will be trading with. Decide on the amount you want to start with. No matter high risk or low risk, we advise you to always invest as much as you can afford to lose. If you want to start small you can go as low as their minimum deposit – $250.

Step 4: Start Live Trading

Almost done! Now all you need to do is start the Bitcoin Up auto trading in the app and sit back, relax, and enjoy your day. The Automatic Bitcoin Up trading software will do every decision for you. Check the app once or twice a day, reinvest or withdraw if there is any profit. The perfect way to start building your crypto wealth.

Bitcoin UP Features & Benefits

Beginner Friendly

Having tested dozens of automated crypto trading software we are very happy with how Bitcoin Up designed their app. It is easy to navigate and use even for beginners who don’t have any cryptocurrency or trading experience. Just register an account, go through the tutorial and you will be ready to go live!

Big Return on Investment

We have written this Bitcoin Up review just after a couple of days of auto trading and already seen impressive gains. Bitcoin Up testimonials say that some of their customers have reported r profit of 300% to 1000% in a span of a week.

Powerful Fast AI Algorithm

We made this Bitcoin Up review because of the famous super-fast AI-powered algorithm to scan the whole crypto market for trades. It can even read cryptocurrency related news and make decisions before the price even moves. If you compare that to manual stock trading, by the time a professional trader would even decide to make a trade Bitcoin Up app would already have completed several of them.


Bitcoin Up crypto trading app uses worldwide known antivirus software McAfee and BitGo crypto security to ensure the safety of your funds and personal information.

No Fees

Bitcoin Up is currently one of the only ones in the crypto market that don’t charge any fees. No deposit, withdrawal, or even commission fees. 100% of the profit goes to you. This will not last long since they are doing this only to promote the app. When more people will join it will start introducing some fees. The faster you join and start auto trading the more you can gain.

Quick Withdrawals

We love that there are no withdrawal limits and direct bank withdrawals come in about 24h. This is really quick compared to most stock or regular crypto trading platforms.


We have seen gains from the first day we tried Bitcoin Up and finished the withdrawal process in just over 24h. Bitcoin Up trading bot is legit and not a scam. You too can start building your own crypto wealth today on Bitcoin Up with just $250.

Expert Rating:

Our Rating: Bitcoin UP is not a scam.
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Do I Need to Have Cryptocurrency to Use Bitcoin Up?
No, Bitcoin Up trading software accepts only cash deposits from major credit cards, SEPA, and Wire transfers. You don’t need to own or buy any cryptocurrency prior.

I Don’t Know How to Trade, Can I Still Make Money?
As we already mentioned in this Bitcoin Up review you don’t need any trading experience. You don’t need to make any trades yourself, therefore, you won’t make any beginner mistakes. Bitcoin Up AI-powered bot trades with your funds and makes you profit.

How Big Are Bitcoin Up Fees?
This is the biggest feature of Bitcoin Up that puts it ahead of the competition. Currently, there are no deposit, withdrawal, or commission fees. This is the best time to invest in the cryptocurrency market through the Bitcoin Up app. Better hurry now, because no fee policy won’t last forever.

How Much Time a Day Do I Need To Spend on Bitcoin Up to Make Profit?
You only need to check on the Bitcoin Up account only once or twice a day. If there is a profit made you need to decide if you want to reinvest it, which is recommended to build long-term passive income or withdraw it. This doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes a day.