BitQT Review

BitQT - Review

Looking to invest a part of your portfolio into cryptocurrency and start making passive income? Missed the early Bitcoin train and want to catch up?

We’ve got great news! Today we’re looking at one of the best automated crypto trading systems BitQT. The amazing part is you don’t need to have any trading knowledge, or even know how cryptocurrency works. Similar to the Bitcoin Era App, the BitQT automated trading system does everything for you.

If you want to know more, continue reading our detailed BitQT review to learn how to use this trading platform, and start making a profit today!

What is BitQT?

BitQT is an automated trading system based on an AI-powered algorithm. This algorithm scans reviews and calculates the best trading pairs that can potentially make quick profits.

This cryptocurrency trading platform is created to allow beginners and experienced traders to build a passive income portfolio. All you need to do is fund the account and let the bot do the trading.

When you make a profit you can either withdraw or keep reinvesting to grow your portfolio. No trading experience or cryptocurrency needed. All decisions are made by the bot.

Our Rating: BitQT is not a scam.
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Is BitQT legit or a scam?

The current cryptocurrency market has been flooded by new trading platforms, systems, and bots. In order to know if it is legit and provide the most accurate BitQT review, we performed our own test with a live account instead of blindly trusting testimonials.

We created an account then did some due diligence on their security. We checked all of the safety features they have in place. BitQT trading software is protected by worldwide known antivirus companies and also requires customer authentication during the registration process. This is a standard procedure for every licensed trading platform. Additionally, it works only with reputable brokers.

In the end, everything checked out so we funded the account with their minimum deposit of $250 and let the bot trade. After three days we already saw quite a big profit coming in every day.

The last credibility check was to see their withdrawal process. We made a small withdrawal and to our surprise, it came to our bank account in under 24 hours! Most trading platforms pay you out in 2-5 working days.

With no red flags to be found, we are happy to confirm BitQT is legit and makes us passive income every day. We didn’t withdraw the remaining funds and reinvested the profits back into the software.

How to get started with BitQT

BitQT AI-powered trading software scans through hundreds of cryptocurrency and global currency pairs to find the ones that are overvalued or undervalued and have a high chance of changing direction. The AI bot also anticipates when a cryptocurrency is about to run on a rally or be massively dumped by other traders.

When the perfect pair is found the very fast trading software performs the trade before regular traders can even react thus securing a much more profitable scalp.

I guess you want to know how BitQT makes money then? That’s one of their great benefits. BitQT only takes a commission on winning trades! No hidden fees, no huge deposit or withdrawal fees. You only get a commission deduction when the bot makes you money.

Our Rating: BitQT is not a scam. Create an account now:
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How to create a BitQT account?

Step 1: Register

As always for any platform or exchange, you need to register an account. You will be asked to type in your information so BitQT can verify you. This is a standard procedure for all legitimate trading platforms and exchanges. You can do that on your computer or mobile, BitQT is very responsive and supports all devices.

Step 2: Play Around With Demo Account

We always advise beginner traders and investors to start with a demo account. Despite most platforms and trading software are similar in features, they can still have different settings or functions. In order to get used to the software and avoid making an unwanted trade by clicking the wrong button play with the demo account for some time. This will also give you a first-hand experience if BitQT is legit, how the platform works, and how fast you can start making passive income.

Step 3: Fund Your Account

When you are comfortable with the demo account we can move on to real trading. Now it’s time to fund the account. The minimum deposit is £250, quite a small minimum compared to other automated trading platforms.

Step 4: Start Live Trading

Now all you need to do is start live trading and let the crypto trading bot do its job. The beauty of having a passive income source like this is that you can work on your other projects or go entertain while your funds keep increasing.

BitQT Features & Benefits

Extremely Fast Software

We were pleasantly surprised and amazed by the extremely fast software BitQT has developed. Not only the website works really quickly but all the pair prices change and trades happen really quickly. This is not primarily to provide a good user experience but to be faster than other traders or trading systems. The faster you can make a trade on a selected pair the more chances you have to successfully scalp a trade.

Beginner Friendly

Even if you have no experience in trading or never owned cryptocurrency you can still use BitQT trading software. Their application is very easy to understand and following the steps provided will get you trading in less than 15 minutes.

Passive Income

By using BitQT crypto platform you have the perfect setup for passive income generation. All you need to do is fund your account let the automated software start trading and that’s it! The only task you need to perform after that is to either withdraw or reinvest if the software is making a profit.


BitQT trading software and website are protected by well known global antivirus brands. Additionally, there is RSA encryption to protect customers’ data.

Demo Version

It is always nice to play around with a demo account to get used to the platform’s functionality. BitQT demo account also allows you to see how the bot works and if it is making profitable trades.

Small Minimum Deposit

BitQT trading platform has a really small minimum deposit of £250. This way you can safely try out the platform without risking big amounts of money.

Quick Withdrawals

BitQT crypto software probably has the fastest withdrawals on the market. Our withdrawal came to our bank account in less than 24 hours compared to a minimum of 2 working days most exchanges and trading platforms offer.

Mobile Compatibility

Spend more time on mobile than your computer? No problem, BitQT trading software is 100% responsive and easy to use on mobile.

Customer Support

We didn’t encounter any problems during our testing but we did have a call with their support center. A lovely gentleman advised us that they take calls 24/7 and don’t use any chatbots so every customer is handled personally.

What we think about BitQT?

Hope you enjoyed our BitQT review as we did! We are very happy with BitQT crypto trading software. It is very fast, responsive on mobile if you want to trade on the go, and also demonstrated how it can generate profit in just a few days. If you’re looking to build a passive income source and invest in cryptocurrency, BitQT trading platform gives a great opportunity to increase your investment portfolio.

Expert Rating:

Our Rating: BitQT is not a scam.
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Is there a BitQT app?
No, BitQT crypto trading software is used through a browser. Their website is 100% mobile responsive so you can easily trade on your mobile devices.

What are BitQTs fees?
They have no fixed buy or sell fees. BitQT only takes a commission when their trading software makes a profit. This way you don’t lose extra money on unsuccessful trades. BitQT trading platform is also free to open an account. All you need to pay for is your initial deposit.

Is BitQT a good way to invest money?
Yes, we think BitQT is a perfect platform to build a passive income portfolio. It doesn’t require your constant attention and does all the work for you. You only need to reinvest or withdraw funds. Just remember, invest only as much as you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile and even the best trading software from time to time can make bad trades.

How Can I Make Passive Income with BitQT crypto trading?
First of all, you need to allocate an amount to start with. BitQT platform is great for beginners since they have just a £250 minimum deposit. If you want to start higher, do so, just remember to invest only what you can lose. Now, just start BitQT trading software and let it do its magic. In order to build a great passive income, you should keep reinvesting your profits. If trading software keeps on doing profitable trades this strategy will start to compound your profit very quickly and build you a big portfolio.

Can US residents use the BitQT trading platform?
Sadly no, the BitQT trading platform does not yet have a license to operate in the United States of America.