In recent months, the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a concept that has been in the news a lot. Everyone is talking about it, and not for nothing. Thousands of people are interested in it. But how can we create NFTs? What software is available to us? And what are the main steps to follow?

How to make NFT Art?

Any digital asset can become an NFT. So far, the NFT market has included art, video game purchases, tweets, GIFs, music, text, images, videos, and even domain names. But given the appeal of NFTs, it’s a safe bet that this list is already far from exhaustive! To create a Token, it is essential to master some software. In general, professionals use Adobe Character Animato, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects. For those who do not know how to use them, there is nothing better than to follow a training course. Otherwise, you should entrust the mission to a freelancer. For this, go to freelancing platforms, like Fiverr, Upwork, 5euros, etc.

To turn your digital asset into an NFT, you need to go through the blockchain to sign it with a smart contract. Note that some people even use the software “Paint” to create their NFTs. Others even use apps on their smartphones to design tokens. The most famous apps are:

· GoArt (only available on iPhone)

· NFT Creator!

· Super Me

· 8bit Painter

· NFT Go

· Etc.

NFT Examples

NFT examples

What is less interesting is to join the movement only for the sake of money. Never, as an artist or investor, will you be as successful as the precursors. You must not let FOMO take over, you must be interested in the subject, understand the huge environmental impact of crypto key mining, and finally choose a correct platform where to post/buy NFTs. Let’s take a look at 4 examples of NFTs that have been successful:


Beeple is certainly the precursor digital artist of the NFT. Thanks to him and his work, the NFT’s could be so well known. However, unlike many artists today, Beeple has always created digital works. Long before the NFTs existed. That’s why when the NFTs were born, this kind of artist exploded because you could finally own digital work. The files, images, videos, and more are public, but by buying an NFT, we buy a key that proves we own an official version of the work. The artist chooses how many keys are “mined.” These keys can be bought and resold on different platforms.

Nyan Cat

Nyan cat is a bit of a reflection and definition of the absurd and fun side of the Internet in a broad sense. It is a gif of a flying cat leaving a rainbow trail. This gif has been modified hundreds of times and is now a cult on the Internet. For its tenth anniversary, its creator decided to sell Nyan Cat as an NFT. The video was sold for nearly $850,000. Once again, the sale of this NFT is nothing more than a key certifying that such a person owns this work. But the video is still public and accessible by everyone. What attracts fans and investors is not the media itself but rather the story behind it. And therefore reselling this NFT is even more expensive later.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a fast-food restaurant chain. Recently they released a series of GIFs (animated images) with the image of their new campaign. They proposed these GIFs in NFT at the modest price of 1$. The goal was to make a buzz and not to make money. Even if in the end the amount raised was quite substantial. Note that all the funds that were collected were donated directly to the Taco Bell Foun.


Sorare is a soccer video game that was created in 2018 and is enjoying tremendous success this year. So much so that they raised $40 million, a record-breaking fundraiser. The game is anything but fixed, exactly like the world of cryptos. The whole logic is based on speculation. Players can manage their teams by buying, selling, or trading their digital cards. Thanks to NFTs, players can resell themselves very easily and safely. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo’s unique card was sold for 250 000€. Some cards are unique, others are names, and a good player can be bought for around 5000€.

how to make NFT

How to create an NFT?

Once you have selected a suitable platform, it is now time to create your NFT. You must first upload your digital file to the marketplace and then select the way you want to sell your NFT. There are several options such as fixed price or auction. You can choose an unlimited auction which allows you to let the bids go up until you accept one of them or a timed auction.

You must set a minimum price to auction your NFT. But be careful, a base price that is too low may cause you to lose money even after a sale if you don’t take into account the transaction costs. The next step is to make a detailed description of your NFT. This involves adding a title and describing your digital work. Please consider this step carefully to maximize your chances of selling.

Finally, depending on the platform you choose, you will have to pay a registration fee to finalize the creation of the NFT. The registration fee may seem small, but there may be other fees later on as well as a fee on your sales. Prices may differ between platforms as well as with the fluctuation of the Ether. Sometimes you have to take risks to start a new venture. This is exactly what happens when you create an NFT!

How much does it cost to make an NFT?

When you create an NFT with OpenSea, you will not have to pay any fees. Since OpenSea is an Ethereum-based platform, the fees charged by the platform are called “gas.” You will have to pay a fee for using Ethereum if you want to do anything on the blockchain. To put it quite simply: it can cost anywhere from $70 to over $600.

If you’re a good artist or you have a good idea for an NFT, you’ll multiply that rate and get several times that return on investment. Of course, luck is also involved, but due to the extreme popularity of NFTs these days, doubling the amount you invest is not difficult, as long as you have a basic knowledge about marketing.

How to make an nft artwork?

The media talk about NFTs as a revolution in the field of art. Yes, the NFT allows for certifying the authenticity of digital work. But before talking about art, we must recognize that the NFT market is mainly a speculation market. There are beautiful works, having required dozens of hours of work from the artist. But there is also generative art, that is to say, an algorithmically created variation of basic work.

In this case, we no longer enter into art and creation (since it is the work of a computer program and not of artists) but rather into industrial production. Afterward, this does not prevent from generating money by its sales. And if your goal is just creating and selling them, be yourself; showing your personality, your style, and your uniqueness will help you stand out in this huge market.

·       Use an NFT generator

More and more online services are appearing concerning NFT. Indeed, NFT generators are software, online or not, capable of generating collections of NFT images. The demand for collection creation is constantly increasing, that’s why getting an NFT Generator is a real-time saver. You can format your NFT to sell it on a platform in a few clicks. In addition to all the downloadable images, you will have access to a JSON file with all the metadata. NFT generators also do a fast job! Such a tool is very useful. No need to wait for the work of a designer. In short, these platforms and software are a real boon for those who want to start in the world of NFT.

How long does it take to make an NFT?               

An NFT artwork can be completed in minutes or days, perhaps even weeks. It all depends on the vision, the effort you put into it, the idea, the level of quality, and the overall concept you want to share with your community.

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