Best Cryptocurrency To Buy

After the two major peaks of 2021, most cryptocurrencies have been experiencing bearish performance since the beginning of 2022. While monetary or financial risks notably related to the war in Ukraine persist, the cryptocurrency market seems to be stabilizing with overall lower volumes and a continuation of the slowdown in the outperformance of virtual currencies.

The main cryptocurrencies are thus showing more or less divergent trends, while some categories of virtual currencies are moving towards favorable developments despite the overall market decline. While some cryptos showed 1-year performance in the 3 or 4 digits in 2021, performance tends to become zero or negative over 2022. The challenge in 2022 will be to seize any bullish or bearish opportunities, despite medium-term risks due to the overall market evolution.

Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy

The best app to buy cryptocurrency

Is your goal to buy or actively trade cryptocurrencies? If so, we highly recommend reading the following Top 3. In doing so, you will discover which services offer the best crypto apps in order to invest in digital assets. If you’re looking for an app to track crypto prices, you’ll find a full comparison further down in this article. Above all, you’re looking for an efficient interface, diversity in the cryptocurrencies available, low fees, and real-time price information.

eToro, the best crypto trading application

eToro is the service that offers the best crypto-currency application in 2022. eToro has managed to make this type of investment accessible to everyone, thanks to CFD trading on crypto-currencies.

A CFD is a contract for difference, which means that you won’t actually be buying the cryptocurrency but rather establishing a contract with the broker regarding the asset in question. Your exposure to its price will be strictly identical, except that the advantage of this method is that it will simplify your life and remove the storage aspect of cryptocurrencies.

ZenGo is the easiest crypto application to use

Are you looking for the easiest possible app to buy crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ether, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, or even Luna? Then ZenGo is for you. After raising over $20 million since its launch, it is one of the hottest crypto apps of the moment.

The promise of the ZenGo app is this: combine simplicity, speed of use, and security. ZenGo’s specificity is that it is exclusively available on mobile: you will not have access to a computer version. This is a strong point for the application. ZenGo is entirely focused on the optimization of this interface. The results speak for themselves: 4.6/5 on the App Store 4.4/5 on the Play Store.

buy crypto from binance

Binance, the choice of quantity

One of the best applications to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies is Binance. It’s anything but a coincidence that it’s mentioned in our ranking of crypto exchanges. Binance is indeed one of the must-haves in order to invest in digital assets. It is very popular with professionals, which allows it to claim the title of “largest crypto platform” in terms of volumes.

For starters, its app is available on both iOS and Android. Moreover, it enjoys excellent reviews and ratings – proof that Binance offers one of the best crypto apps. From the app, you’ll be able to view prices, buy, trade, sell, or save through the various staking options offered. The advantage is that its app is easier to understand than its web platform.

cryptocurrencies to buy

Best cryptocurrencies to buy right now

Your registration formalities are completed on your preferred crypto exchange platform? Is your capital (carefully calibrated, only invest money you don’t need) ready to be invested? Great, now the serious (or fun, depending on your choice) stuff can begin. Well, here are a couple of the most promising cryptos right now:

ChainLink LINK

The Chainlink project was born in 2017 and connected Blockchains to each other through smart contracts. Its oracle network facilitates this decentralized communication, which helps make the project attractive to open-source developers. The platform’s LINK token is performing well and is trading at over a billion in terms of transaction volume. The cryptocurrency has even already risen to the 22nd largest capitalized digital currency, according to Coinmarketcap.

Yearn Finance YFI

Yearn Finance has blown everything up since its launch in 2020. With the release of its YFI token, the project has climbed exponentially. Yearn. Finance offers an aggregation service that allows investors to optimize profits from yield farming. With the development of new products, investors are finding it easier to invest in the DeFi field. This is one of the points that appeal to less committed investors or those who do not have the technical skills.

Enjin ENJ

Enjin offers a universe of interconnected gaming products that are based on the Blockchain. The Enjin Coin (ENJ) is the token of this ecosystem which is mainly used in the Enjin Network, the social gaming platform of the project. Developers can then create and manage digital assets in the platform’s virtual stores. Launched on the Ethereum mainnet in 2018, Enjin allows its users to tokenize their assets and extract value from them. In addition to being used in games and apps, they can bring in real revenue.

buy crypto by crypto apps

Best places to buy cryptocurrency

Let it be known, the choice of platform for one’s cryptocurrency purchases is not to be taken lightly, the word from Compass. Not all cryptocurrency exchanges offer the same services, as you may have noticed in the previous table. Some have their own specialty or have a more or less diverse selection of cryptocurrencies. Here are some tips from your favorite Compass to keep in mind before browsing.

 The history of the cryptocurrency exchange platform

Before choosing the best site to buy cryptos, it’s always worth looking into the history of a platform. How long has it been around? Who are its creators, and what are its values? The history and news of a platform can easily be found through the Journal du Coin articles and can give a quick overview of the development of a cryptocurrency exchange. The JDC Compass advises you to check it out because, as they say, one good wreck is worth two!

Fees when buying crypto

Fees are an integral part of cryptocurrency investors’ lives when trading on their favorite platform. Indeed, any transaction can incur fees, but these are present when trading between cryptocurrencies and, therefore, in all aspects of trading.

The security of cryptocurrency trading platforms

Like any platform, exchanges are susceptible to attacks from malicious hackers looking to take their treasures (and yours at the same time!). Indeed, these risks of hacks are the subject of constant attention from exchanges, which implement many means to protect their customers. Their reputation is at stake!

Possible tools and investment options

Finally, it is particularly interesting to define what you want to do with your capital before anything else. Planning your route before setting sail is essential if you don’t want to get lost! Indeed, the trader who wants to play with leverage will not have the same needs as the investor who bets on the long term.

cryptocurrencies to buy now

Top cryptocurrencies to buy

You will hear about a number of crazy projects promising miracles. The urge to explore unknown lands is strong. Nevertheless, in the case of the first investment, the seasoned sailor looking for long-term investment will rather linger on solid, highly capitalized projects like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or even Binance Coin (BNB). Here is a selection of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022:


Bitcoin is the boss of the market, the father of all cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization. It rules the crypto ocean with a masterful hand. If Bitcoin is doing well, the whole market is doing well. If bitcoin is doing badly, beware of your other cryptocurrencies! If bitcoin goes down, the whole market usually goes down.

Generally speaking, bitcoin is the flagship of cryptocurrencies, which people talk about first. The one on which large institutions and investment funds are positioning their marbles. In the event of a downturn, it is also the least declining asset within cryptocurrencies. This can be a guarantee of certain security for the good investor.


Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency on the market. If bitcoin is considered a store of value like gold, Ethereum is more like the future technology, the foundation of web 3.0. With it, thousands of applications will be developed on the Internet. Ethereum is the fuel that allows all these applications to be used, the foundation that supports them. Betting on Ethereum is betting on the emergence of web 3.0. We are currently in the middle of web 2.0, and as the old saying goes: never two without three.


The Binance Coin is the special token of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, the behemoth Binance. This giant makes and breaks the fortunes of the traders who haunt its platform. Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, the boss of Binance, has a vested interest in developing the crypto ecosystem, his platform, and growing his BNB token, of which we know he owns many.

Betting on BNB is therefore following the steps of a visionary who has become very rich and who is making sure that his BNB token becomes more expensive with burns (progressive buyback by Binance of a certain quantity of BNB tokens that are stored on an inaccessible address). These tokens are lost forever, thus increasing the token’s price over time.

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